Jam series combos were specifically designed with the acoustic instrumental performer in mind and are the perfect choice for those musicians who wish to hear the true sound of their acoustic instrument amplified. The extraordinary balance, detail and dynamic response of every Jam combo allows total expression for the artist, regardless of their musical style or performance level, and the numerous facilities on the Jam series allows quality EQ and effects to be introduced into the audio chain as required. 

SR realised that many of the performers who wanted the very best acoustic amplification would also want to successfully amplify other signals such as vocals, recorded music and other instruments to the same high standards. The challenge for SR therefore was to design a single combo that could rise to all these tasks without compromising any aspect of the original aim. In this task SR have been remarkably successful. Not only is the Jam a first choice for discerning acoustic players all over the world but it is also in demand by a whole range of other musicians such as pianists, vocalists and Jazz guitarists amongst others. 

Most Jam models are available in 3 quality finishes, moquette, lacquered black and polished wood. A range of high quality carry cases and other accessories are also available. To view a full Jam series specification sheet just click here

Jam 90

The new Jam 90 is an ultra compact bi-amplified combo providing 90w RMS of bi-amplified output and featuring XLR, Jack and phono inputs for maximum flexibility of operation. The 90 is the successor to the popular Jam 80 and although it offers an increase in overall specification is no more expensive than its predecessor. The 90 is ideal for domestic and studio use and small gigs. It provides high definition sound quality for both acoustic and electronic instrument sound sources.

Jam 150 Plus

The original Jam 150 was a huge success with its hugely musical tonality, superb frequency response and multi-channel operation. Input from users all over the world lead to the introduction of the Plus model which gave increased flexibility and performance and the latest update to the Plus model is phantom power; essential for condenser microphones and certain pickup systems. 

The 150 features 150w RMS of Bi-amplified output and a selection of XLR, Jack and Phono inputs to allow for every conceivable input requirement. A line output is also included to allow the addition of an active extension cabinet or connection to other sound systems or recording equipment if required. The 150's unique ability to successfully handle a diverse range of music signals means that the 150 Plus can be found in homes, studios and music venues throughout the world. For the musician who appreciates pure sound quality there is no better compact combo in its class than the Jam 150 Plus.  

Jam 400

The range topping Jam 400 offers an immense 400w RMS of output through 2x'8' woofers and a "1" horn. The depth of tone and quality of sound from this model is exceptional even by SR's high standards. With features such as variable acoustic filter, phantom power and multiple digital effects the 400 is capable of being a single high quality amplifier for soloists, duos, and ensembles in both rehearsal and live performance situations. The separation and definition that is provided by this combo, even with multiple sound sources, is something to behold, and sets this amplifier apart from other  For anyone wishing to create a full 3 way high power system the 400 also incorporates a subwoofer out connector with switchable crossover for connection to an active subwoofer.

Jam Stereo Combo

The first Jam equally at home in mono or stereo modes of operation the Stereo has a single XLR microphone channel plus 2 jack input channels. Each channel offers gain and pan controls in addition to the 3 band EQ, volume and effect controls found on the standard model. Each channel can make use of the single high quality reverb included in the Stereo. Channels 2 and 3 also feature a jack insert point for the introduction of individual processing to each channel if required. See the specific Jam Stereo page for further information.

Jam BB300

The new Jam exclusively designed for bass instrument players. Superbly lightweight and with 300w RMS output the BB300 is designed for use with double, acoustic and electric bass instruments and incorporates a superb frequency response that allows the natural resonance of the very lowest frequencies these instruments produce. Discerning musicians will appreciate the BB as it will replicate the most complex tonalities with a breathtaking clarity and balance and allow the unique tonal qualities of their particular instrument to shine through. 

The BB300 features XLR, Jack and phono inputs together with comprehensive EQ including parametric and notch filter controls plus phantom power as standard. It is available in both wood and black lacquered finishes. 

Jam Accessories

Padded cases are now available for all Jam models. Not only will they offer excellent protection for your investment but they also make transportation even easier. All cases are finished in heavy duty black material and feature the SR logo in brilliant white text for easy recognition, even on darkened stages.  

Want to increase the output of your Jam 150 and enhance dispersion by using a second speaker cabinet? The solution is to add a SR Club 150A speaker to your setup. The Club 150A has the same bi-amplified speaker configuration and power output as your Jam 150 and is available in 3 finishes just like the Jam. Simply connect the line out from your Jam to the input on the Club 150A and away you go; twice the output, and now your sound really can be in 2 places at once!    

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