Jam BB300

The Jam exclusively designed for bass instrument players. Superbly lightweight and with 300w RMS output the BB300 is designed for use with double, acoustic and electric bass instruments and incorporates a superb frequency response that allows the natural resonance of the very lowest frequencies these instruments produce. Discerning musicians will appreciate the BB as it will replicate the most complex tonalities with a breathtaking clarity and balance and allow the unique tonal qualities of their particular instrument to shine through. 

The BB300 features XLR, Jack and phono inputs together with comprehensive EQ including parametric and notch filter controls plus phantom power as standard. It is now available in the premium black lacquer finish only.

Box Two-way bass reflex

Frequency response 30 Hz- 20 kHz

Sensitivity (1W-1m) 94 db

SPL max 119 db

Crossover Electronic –24 db/octave

Woofer 8”

Horn Compression tweeter

Construction Plywood

System Format: 2-way Bi-amp

Max Power out LOW 240W RMS, 480W peak

HIGH 60W RMS, 120W peak

Weight Kg 16.4

Dimensions (WxDxH) 31x39x42 cm

Mixer inputs: 

CH1: XLR IN + Send&Ret: Jack 6.3 mm

CH2: Line IN x 2 + Send&Ret: Jack 6.3 mm

CH3: Line IN RCA

Mixer outputs: LINE OUT: XLR



CH1: High, Mid hi, Mid low, (parametric), Low, Volume

CH2: High, Mid hi, Mid low, (parametric), Low, Volume

CH3: High, Low, Volume

Master Line Out, Volume, Notch Filter Control,

Master Volume, Phantom Power Switch

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