Founded with the sole aim of providing the very best in sound quality and technical innovation, SR Technology have quickly established themselves as a number one choice for discerning musicians and PA professionals

Ex-Demo Models 

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All of these are top of the range systems that will enhance any performers work, and represent the very best sound quality, construction and portability available. 

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Integrated active sound systems:

Pocket 1500 only £1349

1500w RMS ( 3000w program ) output 3 cabinet integrated active sound system with superb bass response and beautifully balanced mids and highs. Consisting of a single active bass cabinet and 2 x Pocket 350 satellite speakers this is an high power,  portable, premium quality amplification for solo performers, duo's and bands. The "dual bass" feature makes this system equally relevant to DJ's as well as instrumental and vocal performers 

A fantastic compact high power PA saving more than £1600 on the new price!! 

Pocket 2100 only £1849

2100w RMS ( 4200w program ) output in 4 cabinet system with even more output, low end response and superb performance than the 1500. With the same speaker specification as the 1500 system plus a second passive subwoofer for added output and bass response. You can also use this as a 3 cabinet system if you wish providing maximum flexibility depending on application and venue. 

Less than 1/2 price ex-demo bargain

Pocket 3000: Only £3299

3000w RMS ( 6000w program ) output in a 4 cabinet system consisting of 2 active subwoofers and 2 x Pocket 700 satellite speakers. This is a fantastic high power system that is still very portable and will fit into most larger hatchbacks and estate cars. The larger satellite speakers on this system give  greater output and dispersion while the 2 active subwoofers incorporate both the 'dual bass" functionality and the expansion capability to add 2 further passive subwoofers

Superb performance and amazing saving on the new price

Pocket 4000 only £4299

6 cabinets with 4000w RMS (8000w program ) of output make this a fantastic PA system capable of performing in a huge range of venues and performance situations. Consisting of 2 x active subwoofers, 2 x passive subwoofers and 2 x Pockt 700 satellites this is the ultimate Pocket system. The modular design means you can easily use the system in 3,4,or 6 cabinet configurations for maximum flexibility and performance capability.                 

Save more than £4,000 on the new price!!!!

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